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Required components of a fully functional Asset Management Suite environment

Asset Management Suite

Asset Management Suite lets you manage assets in your environment, set cost data, and manage the services and the licenses that are associated with the assets.

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To achieve a fully functional Asset Management Suite environment, the following components must be in place on your network:

Active Directory server

You need a server that provides Active Directory services.

Mail server

Mail server is used to send out the notifications that are related to asset management processes.

SQL server

On the SQL server, you set up the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Notification Server

On Notification Server, you install all the main components of Asset Management Suite:

  • Asset Management Solution

    Asset Management Solution lets you set up and manage different asset management processes.

    See What you can do with Asset Management Suite

  • Barcode Solution

    Barcode Solution lets you speed up asset data entry, reduce errors, track and audit assets, and manage inventory.

  • CMDB Solution

    CMDB Solution lets you manage your data in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

  • Data Connector

    Data Connector lets you import and export resource data between numerous external data sources and the CMDB. For example, you can import organizational view and group memberships and resource filter membership information. Additionally, you can export reports.

Barcode Manager

Barcode Manager must be installed on the laptop or workstation of each barcode technician. These computers become hosts for barcode scanning devices. Barcode technicians use their host computers to install the Barcoder on their handheld scanners. After the installation is accomplished, the handheld devices can communicate with Notification Server whenever they are connected to the host systems.

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