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Software purchase item attributes

Asset Management Suite

When you create a software purchase item, you specify its attributes and associations with other configuration items in your system.

See Creating a software purchase item

The attributes that are listed in the table are displayed when in the View drop-down list, you select the Software Purchase (global) view.

Table: Software purchase item attributes



Software Purchase

Lets you insert the name of the software purchase item.

Symantec recommends typing a name that uses a combination of the software name, software version, purchase date, and number of licenses. For example, you can type the following as a software purchase name: Norton Ghost 15.0 5May2011 (10 Licenses).

Software Purchase Details

Lets you specify the details that are related to purchasing the software. You can specify the purchase date, description, and number of licenses.

Cost Items

Lets you enter the costs that are associated with purchasing the software licenses.

Software Purchase Owners

Lets you associate and allocate the cost to departments and users.

Software Purchase Cost Center Ownership

Lets you associate and allocate the purchase cost to one or more cost centers.

Installed Location

Lets you associate a location.

Software Purchases' Associated Catalog Item

Lets you associate the software purchase with an item from the procurement Software Catalog.

Book Depreciation

Lets you specify the book depreciation schedule to be used.

Custom Depreciation

Lets you specify the custom depreciation schedule to be used.

Tax Depreciation

Lets you specify the tax depreciation schedule to be used.

Internal Reference

Lets you specify reference information, such as account number, internal reference ID, internal contact, archive number, and cross reference.