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Creating an edit view

Asset Management Suite

When you open the page to create or edit a configuration item, the default edit view opens. On the default edit view, you can specify information for all the data class attributes that apply to this configuration item type. On the default edit view, you can also create all associations that are possible for this configuration item type. If you do not need to insert some data or you prefer to insert the data in a different order, you can edit the default views. You can also create new views.

Customized edit views let you simplify and speed up the process of creating and editing configuration items by enabling you to control which fields and options are displayed.

When you create a data class and edit a view to use in a virtual association, the column names must be ParentResourceGuid and ChildResourceGuid to avoid errors.

This task is a step in the process for managing configuration items.

See Managing configuration items

To create an edit view

  1. Open the dialog box to create or edit a configuration item.

    See Creating a configuration item

  2. In the dialog box, in the View drop-down list, click Manage Views....

  3. In the Change Edit Views dialog box, click New, insert the name of the view, and then click OK.

  4. Select the Data classes and Associations that are displayed on the Edit configuration item page when you select the view.

    Symantec suggests that you select the Data classes and Associations based on your data entry roles.

    Check Share this Edit Page View with other Asset users, if you want to allow everyone to use this view.

  5. Click Save changes.