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Replenishing stockroom quantities

Asset Management Suite

You can use your stockrooms with the Replenish Stockroom Quantities automation policy. This policy automatically keeps track of the quantities of the consumable items in the stockroom, and performs a reorder if necessary.

For each consumable item that is listed under Stock Order Details of the stockroom, the task checks the quantity in a stockroom with the same Cost Center or Department. If it is less than the Order Level, the policy creates a purchase order with a quantity of Number To Order. The policy also sends an email notification to the stockroom manager to report that the purchase order is created.

This task is a step in the process for setting up the procurement environment.

See Setting up the procurement environment

To replenish stockroom quantities

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Manage menu, click Automation Policies.

  2. In the automation policies list, click Replenish Stockroom Quantities.

  3. On the Replenish Stockroom Quantities page, specify the schedule of the policy and the actions that should be performed.

  4. Click Save changes.

  5. On the toolbar, click Turn on.