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Components of Asset Management Suite

Asset Management Suite

Asset Management Suite is a collection of solutions and components that run on the Symantec Management Platform. Click the links to view individual release notes of the components.

Table: Components of Asset Management Suite



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Symantec Management Platform

Symantec Management Platform provides a set of services that IT-related solutions can leverage. By leveraging these services, the solutions that are built on the platform can focus on their unique tasks. They also can take advantage of the more general services that the platform provides. The platform services also provide a high degree of consistency between the solutions, so that users do not need to learn multiple product interfaces.

Symantec Management Platform includes the following components:

  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

  • Notification Server

  • Symantec Management Console

  • Symantec Management Agent for Windows, and for UNIX, Linux, and Mac

  • Network Discovery

  • Software Management Framework

  • Reports


Asset Management Solution

In conjunction with CMDB Solution (now a feature rather than a product), Asset Management Solution lets you set up and manage different asset management processes throughout the lifecycle of your assets. Asset management helps you manage the acquisition of your assets, on-going costs, contracts, and software license compliance.


Barcode Solution

Barcode Solution provides your organization with a simpler, more accurate way of gathering and verifying asset information in the field. Barcode Solution lets you speed up asset data entry, reduce errors, track and audit assets, and manage inventory.


CMDB Solution

CMDB Solution lets you model configuration items, resources, and the relationships between them in a central database. It lets you facilitate the identification of all components and relationships, and instigate any required changes. The solution actively manages resources according to user-specified instructions in jobs, tasks, configuration policies, and custom CMDB rules.