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Creating a cost type

Asset Management Suite

A cost type lets you specify a type of expense and logically group expenses. Cost type attributes affect depreciation values, group allocation, and other reporting areas. The default cost types of Asset Management Suite are contract, external support, install, internal support, and purchase. If the default cost types are not sufficient, you can add custom cost types.

This task is a step in the process for setting up the environment for managing contracts.

See Setting up the environment for managing contracts

To create a cost type

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Home menu, click Service and Asset Management > Contracts.

  2. In the Contract Management portal, in the Quick Start - Contracts Web part, click Cost Type.

  3. In the Create configuration item window, enter the name of the cost type and specify whether the cost is internal.

    An internal cost refers to expenses within an organization. For example, an internal cost is a cost for an employee to perform a task or the cost of a utility that keeps systems running.

  4. Click OK.