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Managing contracts

Asset Management Suite

Contract configuration items in Asset Management Suite let you insert and track the contract-related data in your environment. For example, you can enter details about lease schedules, warranties, and the agreements that you have signed with your vendors or other business partners. After you create contract configuration items, you can associate them with other items in your system. For example, you can create a contract item that specifies the contract details, and then associate it with a new computer purchase. This association lets you track the document-related details of the new computer.

Before you can create and manage your contracts, you must set up your environment.

See Setting up the environment for managing contracts

Table: Process for managing contracts




Step 1

Create contracts.

To track leases and contracts, you must create corresponding configuration items in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

See Creating a contract

Step 2

Configure contract expiration notification policies.

A contract expiration notification policy is an automation policy that sends an email notification before a contract is due to expire. A reminder runs before the expiration date to give you time to create an efficient migration or replacement strategy.

See Configuring a contract expiration notification policy

Step 3

View contract reports.

You can access the contract management reports in the Symantec Management Console, on the Reports page, under Reports > Service and Asset Management > Contract Management.