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What you can do with Barcode Solution

Barcode Solution

Barcode Solution provides your organization with a simpler, more accurate way of gathering and verifying asset information in the field.

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Barcode Solution lets you do the following:

Speed up asset data entry and reduce errors.

Manual data collection is slow and error prone. For example, a well-trained data entry operator makes a data entry error once every 300 keystrokes. Barcode Solution saves you time and money by increasing the input speed and accuracy. A barcode system is significantly faster (approximately 15 times faster) and more accurate (approximately 10,000 times more accurate) than manual data entry systems.

Track and audit assets.

Assets that cannot be automatically discovered through network connections can be easily tracked within the enterprise application with Barcode Solution. Your asset data can be downloaded to a barcode device that is taken to the asset location and then is verified. New asset data can also be collected while in the field. Barcode Solution makes it easy to synchronize data with the enterprise application.

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Manage inventory.

The barcode system makes the inventory in the field visible to the warehouse regardless of where your assets are located. Your warehouse can prepare accurate replacements and orders by using an up-to-the-minute inventory of your stock availability.

Run Purchase Order workflows with Asset Solution integration.

Receive fixed assets against a Purchase Order receiving slips and invoices.