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Components of Barcode Solution

Barcode Solution

Barcode Solution has the following components:

Barcode Solution elements

The Barcode Solution elements are installed on and work with Symantec Management Platform. They include reports, Synchronization Profiles, Synchronization Templates, Barcoder Console Application, and the Resource Uploads page. Synchronization Profiles represent the dataset that is downloaded to a Barcode device. Synchronization Templates enable admin users to define custom workflow templates. The Resource Uploads page enables you to verify that the data is uploaded from devices or the console before they are committed to the Configuration Management Database.

Barcoder Console Application

The Barcoder Console Application provides all the workflow and features of Barcoder onto a host computer. The application is an ActiveX control that launches when a user visits the Symantec Barcode Console Application page. Barcoder Console Application does not show a logon page when a user requests data synchronization and uses the logged on users' credentials automatically. ActiveX does not provide scanner support but you can make use of the Keyboard Data wedge of a desktop barcode scanner. RFID Audit and Scanner Preferences are also not available on Barcoder Console Application as they are relevant to a handheld device.

Barcode Manager

The Barcode Manager is the installer that lays down the files on the host computer (client workstation) needed to run the Barcoder Console Application. The installer enables communication with a cradled device to launch the Barcoder on a device when you click Synchronize on the Synchronization Profiles page.


Barcoder runs on the barcode device and can also run on a host computer which is termed the Barcoder Console Application. Barcoder helps you perform a physical inventory of all assets, add information to an asset, and add new assets to your database. A host computer can be used to synchronize data with barcode devices, although wireless features eliminate the need for a host computer. In many cases, the host computer is connected to a cradle, into which the barcode device is placed for synchronization.

Barcode device

The barcode device is a handheld device or another piece of equipment that can scan barcode information and runs on the Pocket PC operating system.

Barcode Asset Security Configuration

The SMP Configuration updates allow Barcode Solution to work with Asset Solution. The updates are installed automatically during normal installations with both Barcode and Asset Solutions. However, if you install Asset Solution after Barcode Solution you may need to install the SMP Configuration updates separately.

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