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Performing asset management tasks using Barcode Solution

Barcode Solution

Barcode Solution lets you perform different asset management tasks. For example, you can inventory your assets, add new assets, or update the data of existing assets. Before you can use the features of Barcode Solution, you must set up your environment.

See Setting up the Barcode Solution environment

Table: Process for performing asset management tasks using Barcode Solution




Step 1

Synchronize data.

To inventory or manage your assets, you must load the asset data from the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) into your barcode device.

See Synchronizing data between the barcode device and Notification Server

Step 2

Scan assets.

While you scan assets, you can perform different asset management tasks. For example, you can inventory assets, update the data of existing assets, or create new assets. As each asset is scanned, the data for the asset is displayed in Barcoder, and the scan time and date is recorded automatically.

See Scanning assets

See Searching for a barcode value in Barcoder

See Adding a barcode value to an existing asset in Barcoder

See Creating a new asset in Barcoder

Step 3

Upload data from the barcode device.

After you scan the asset data, you upload it from your handheld device to Notification Server.

See Uploading data from the barcode device

Step 4

Verify the asset data.

After you scan and collect barcode data, you synchronize it with the Barcode Solution that runs on the Notification Server computer. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Resource Upload page, you then verify the data. By default, you need to verify the scanned asset data before you can load it into the CMDB.

See Verifying asset data

Step 5

Resolve conflicts.

On the Resource Uploads page, you can also view and resolve the conflicting data that Notification Server detects.

See Resolving conflicts

Step 6

(Optional ) Run reports.

After you load the scanned data into the CMDB, you can run reports to determine which assets were inventoried, added, or modified.

See Viewing Barcode Solution reports

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