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Creating a synchronization profile

Barcode Solution

Before you can download asset data to the barcode device, you need to create synchronization profiles for the users who scan the assets. A synchronization profile lets you determine what information is sent to a handheld device. For example, you can create a profile that sends the asset data that is associated with a particular location to a handheld device.

When you initialize your handheld device, you need to select the synchronization profile that is used for this device. If you have not created synchronization profiles, you can select the default profile first and change this selection later.

This task is a step in the process for setting up the Barcode Solution environment.

See Setting up the Barcode Solution environment

To create a synchronization profile

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Home menu, click Service and Asset Management > Barcode.

  2. In the left pane, right-click Synchronization Profiles, and then click New > Synchronization Profile.

  3. In the right pane, specify the synchronization profile settings that you want.

    The Bypass upload verification option lets you determine how the data is uploaded. If a profile is set to upload automatically, then the data is immediately entered into the database. If the profile is not configured to upload automatically, then the data is loaded into a verification queue which is called the Resource Uploads. The data remains pending administrator or manager approval through the Resource Uploads page in the Symantec Management Console.

  4. Click Save changes.