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Scanning assets

Barcode Solution

After the asset data has been synchronized with the barcode device, you can start scanning your assets.

See Synchronizing data between the barcode device and Notification Server

This task is a step in the process for performing asset management tasks using Barcode Solution.

See Performing asset management tasks using Barcode Solution

To scan assets

  1. On the barcode device, click Start > Programs > Symantec Barcoder.

  2. On the Home screen, click one of the following:

  3. Scan the barcode.

    The Barcoder Handheld application supports the following scanning modes:

    Auto Scan

    Auto Scan is enabled by default for both standard templates and custom templates and lets you scan a barcode regardless of the current field selected. It automatically updates the selected values for association pickers based on the type of the resource that was scanned. For example, if a Location association exists on the template, scanning a location barcode automatically updates the Location field with that resource.

    Direct Scan

    Direct Scan lets you scan directly in the currently focused field. To enable Direct Scan, click Menu > Scan Mode > Direct.

  4. Repeat this procedure until all of the assets are scanned.