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Uploading data from the barcode device

Barcode Solution

After you scan the asset data, you can upload it from your barcode device to the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Only new or changed data is uploaded. The data is then merged with the asset data that is in the CMDB.

If you select Bypass upload verification on the Permissions tab of your Synchronization Profile page, the data is automatically uploaded to the CMDB. If not, the data needs to be verified on the Resource Uploads page.

Conflicting data is resolved on the Resource Uploads page in the Symantec Management Console. You can manage and resolve conflicting data in batches, or for individual resources.

Ensure that the synchronization processes are complete before you remove a barcode device from its cradle, or terminate a wireless connection.

This task is a step in the process for performing asset management tasks using Barcode Solution.

See Performing asset management tasks using Barcode Solution

To upload data from the barcode device

  1. On the barcode device, click Start > Programs > Symantec Barcoder.

  2. On the Home screen, click Synchronize.

  3. Enter the Notification Server computer logon credentials and click Login.

  4. Select a synchronization profile, and click Next.

  5. Select a synchronization option, and click Sync.