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About barcode sheets

Barcode Solution

In many situations, you need to enter data for more than the identity barcode using the barcode device. If you deploy a new asset to a user, you might want to use the barcode device to quickly enter data. Data can include the assigned location, department, and cost center along with the identity. To speed up data entry and reduce data entry errors, you can create a sheet of barcodes for the frequently entered data.

You can use your barcode device to scan the barcode for the applicable department.

On Barcoder, the only fields which are ready to accept a barcode scan are colored gray. To read into these fields, use Menu > Scan Mode > Direct. This action changes the background color of the field to white when you are focused on it. Scanning the barcode writes the value into the text field. When you are ready to scan the barcode into the barcode scan control, choose Menu > Scan Mode > Auto. Any of the values you scanned are now read into the scan control or update the picker values if a match is found.

One suggestion for creating a barcode sheet is to use a spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet, use the first column to describe the barcode value and the next column for the barcode value. The barcode must be in the form of *XXXXXXX*, where the X's represent alphanumeric text and the *'s must begin and end the barcode. You can type the barcode value by using a font you can read. You can then highlight the barcode column and change the font to a supported barcode font.

After you complete the sheet with the desired barcodes, print the sheet and keep it close to your barcode device. When data about an asset needs to be scanned, you can also scan the other information about the asset.

The sheet might include any of the picker controls that let you scan a barcode directly.