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About the Receiving template

Barcode Solution

The Receiving template can be used for entering new assets (assets you receive into your system) with or without a barcode. In this way you can quickly enter multiple similar assets into your system.

When you scan an unknown field and Direct Scan is not selected, a new asset is created. The new asset is created with the field that you scanned, and the properties that have been selected.

You can use this template if you have assets in your inventory but do not have details about them. You do not have the details to match them up with the computers that you plan to scan. You can use this template to scan in the computer data and create the new assets.

For example, you receive 50 new computers on the dock. Set Computer as the asset type. Set the location or scan a location barcode. Set the status as In Stock. Select or enter any other details on this template as needed. Enable Direct Scan. Click the box next to the serial number field. Scan the first computer's serial number. For the next computer, enable Direct Scan. Click the box next to the Serial No field. Select in the Serial No field. Scan the second computer's serial number. Repeat for the rest of the computers.

If you want to set the Name as the serial number, you can enable Direct Scan. Then click the box next to the Name field, select the Name field, and scan the computer's serial number.

When a computer is inventoried, the serial number and barcode are merged with the computer inventory. This merging occurs if the Duplicate Computer Merge policy is enabled. There must be an existing computer in the database that has the same serial number or barcode.

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