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About the Asset Replacement template

Barcode Solution

The Asset Replacement template lets you retire an existing asset and copy its key associations (location, owner, and cost center) to the asset that replaces it.

If an unknown asset is scanned, the Name field shows <Unknown>. When a known asset is scanned, you are taken to the Retired Asset screen.

The Retired Asset screen shows the details of the asset scanned. You can either cancel the flow by clicking Cancel or scan the barcode of the asset to replace. If you check the box Create new asset on unknown barcode and enter an unknown barcode in the Barcode text box you are taken to Edit New Asset screen. In the Edit New Asset screen the associations of the asset to be retired is shown. If a known asset barcode is scanned, you are taken to the Replacement Asset screen.

The Replacement Asset screen shows the details of the replacement asset and ability to edit the Associations. The user can modify the associations and then click Actions > Commit to carry out the update operation.

The following details are updated:

  • Asset to retire is given Retired status.

  • Replacement asset is given the values of associations from retired asset or the values that you have explicitly set.

  • The replacement asset is given Active status.

To cancel the workflow click Actions > Cancel. This action also takes back to the Retired Asset screen. Alternatively, you can click Menu > Back to go back to the Retired Asset screen as well.

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