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Components of Client Management Suite

Client Management Suite

Client Management Suite is a collection of solutions that run on the Symantec Management Platform. The following table lists all the solutions in Client Management Suite and also provides a short description of each.

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Table: Components of Client Management Suite



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Symantec Management Platform

Symantec Management Platform provides a set of services that IT-related solutions can leverage. By leveraging these services, the solutions that are built on the platform can focus on their unique tasks. They also can take advantage of the more general services that the platform provides. The platform services also provide a high degree of consistency between the solutions, so that users do not need to learn multiple product interfaces.

Symantec Management Platform provides the following services:

  • Role-based security

  • Client communications and management

  • Execution of scheduled or event-triggered tasks and policies

  • Package deployment and installation

  • Reporting

  • Centralized management through a single, common interface

Symantec Management Platform includes the following components:

  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

  • Notification Server

  • Symantec Management Console

  • Symantec Management Agent for Windows

  • Symantec Management Agent for UNIX, Linux, and Mac

  • Network Discovery

  • Software Management Framework


Deployment Solution

Deployment Solution helps to reduce the cost of deploying and managing servers, desktops, and notebooks from a centralized location in your environment. It offers operating system deployment, configuration, personality migration of computers, and software deployment across different hardware platforms and operating systems.

Deployment Solution 7.1 provides integrated provisioning, disk imaging, and personality migration from the Symantec Management Console. Using Symantec Ghost™, you can perform initial computer deployment using standard images and migrate user data and application settings to new computers.

Deployment Solution 6.9 SP3, which is a Windows application, is not included in the Client Management Suite installation. However, Client Management Suite includes a license to run Deployment Solution 6.9 or later. You can download and install the Deployment Solution component separately. Go to the page, accept the export restrictions, and then log on with your Symantec account credentials. After you ensure that your profile information is correct, all of the available versions of Deployment Solution are listed on the Software Download: Deployment Solution page. Choose the version that you want to download, and then click Download Now. You can then complete the installation process.

For the Deployment Solution release notes, see the link at the following URL:


Inventory Solution

Inventory Solution lets you gather inventory data about the computers, users, operating systems, and installed software applications in your environment. You can collect inventory data from the computers that run Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Mac.

After you gather inventory data, you can analyze it using predefined or custom reports.


Inventory for Network Devices

Inventory for Network Devices gathers inventory data from the devices that are not managed through the Symantec Management Agent.

You can gather inventory on the devices that are already discovered and exist as resources in the CMDB.


IT Analytics

IT Analytics Solution software complements and expands upon the traditional reporting that is offered in most Altiris solutions. It brings exciting new features and capabilities to Notification Server because it incorporates multi-dimensional analysis and robust graphical reporting and distribution features.

This functionality allows users to explore data on their own, without advanced knowledge of databases or third-party reporting tools. It empowers users to ask and answer their own questions quickly, easily, and effectively.

  • Client Server Management content pack:


  • Symantec Endpoint Protection content pack:


  • ServiceDesk content pack:


  • Data Loss Prevention content pack: DOC7439

  • Critical System Protection content pack: DOC6140

Patch Management Solution

Patch Management Solution for Linux lets you scan Red Hat and Novell Linux computers for security vulnerabilities. The solution then reports on the findings and lets you automate the download and distribution of needed errata, or software updates. The solution downloads the required patches and provides wizards to help you deploy them.

Patch Management Solution for Mac lets you scan Mac computers for the updates that they require. The solution then reports on the findings and lets you automate the downloading and distribution of needed updates. You can distribute all or some of the updates.

Patch Management Solution for Windows lets you scan Windows computers for the updates that they require, and view the results of the scan. The system lets you automate the download and distribution of software updates. You can create filters of the computers and apply the patch to the computers that need it.

  • Patch Management Solution for Linux: DOC7382

  • Patch Management Solution for Mac: DOC7216

  • Patch Management Solution for Windows: DOC7333

pcAnywhere Solution 12.6.8

pcAnywhere Solution is a remote control solution. It lets you manage computers, resolve help desk issues, and connect to remote devices.


Real-Time System Manager

Real-Time System Manager provides you detailed real-time information about a managed computer, and lets you remotely perform different administrative tasks in real time.

Real-Time System Manager also lets you run some of the management tasks on a collection of computers. You can run the tasks immediately, or on a schedule.


Software Management Solution

Software Management Solution provides intelligent and bandwidth-sensitive distribution and management of software from a central Web console. It leverages the Software Catalog and Software Library to ensure that the required software gets installed, remains installed, and runs without interference from other software.

Software Management Solution supports software virtualization technology, which lets you install software into a virtual layer on the client computer.

Software Management Solution also lets users directly download and install approved software or request other software.


Symantec Endpoint Protection Integration Component

The Symantec Endpoint Protection Integration Component combines Symantec Endpoint Protection with your other Symantec Management Platform solutions. You can inventory computers, update patches, deliver software, and deploy new computers. You can also back up and restore your systems and data, and manage DLP agents and Symantec Endpoint Protection clients. You can do this work from a single, web-based Symantec Management Console.


Workflow Solution

Symantec Workflow is a security process development framework that you can use to create both automated business processes and security processes. These processes provide for increased repeatability, control, and accountability while reducing overall workload.

The Symantec Workflow framework also lets you create Workflow processes that integrate Symantec tools into your organization's unique business processes. Once deployed, Workflow processes can respond automatically to environmental variables. Workflow processes can also allow for human interface points when a process calls for someone to make a decision with accountability.

For the Workflow Solution release notes, see the link at the following URL: