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About Workspace Virtualization

Client Management Suite

Workspace Virtualization places applications and data into managed units, called Virtual Software Layers. This lets you activate, deactivate, or reset applications. You can also completely avoid conflicts between applications without altering the base Windows installation.

Symantec's application virtualization technologies integrate virtualized applications to preserve the user experience. Virtualized applications act like normal applications, ensuring normal behavior and full functionality.

Workspace Virtualization also lets you do the following:

  • Reset the damaged applications to a known state and instantly repair them.

  • Run two versions of the same program side by side.

  • Add and remove software with zero impact on the underlying operating system.

  • Turn applications on and off instantly.

Workspace Virtualization is based on Symantec's patented core technology, Symantec WorkspaceVirtualization (SWV) File System Filter driver. An application or set of data is virtualized by using a capture process that creates a Virtual Software Package (VSP). A VSP contains all the files and registry settings of the application or data. It can be used on a client computer that has the Workspace Virtualization Agent. After the VSP is activated through the Workspace Virtualization Agent, the application becomes visible along with its files, folders, and settings.