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Preparing managed computers for evaluating Client Management Suite

Client Management Suite

The following is the process to prepare the computers in your environment for evaluating Client Management Suite.

Symantec recommends that you evaluate Client Management Suite on an isolated group of computers in a lab environment.

Table: Process for preparing target computers for evaluating Client Management Suite




Step 1

(Optional) Discover computers in your environment.

You can discover the computers that are not yet managed by Symantec Management Agent. If you know the host names or the IP addresses of the computers on which you want to evaluate Client Management Suite, the discovery is optional.

See Discovering computers

Step 2

Configure your Windows computers to allow Symantec Management Agent to push installation.

You can configure computers manually for evaluation. You can also use a group policy to configure the firewall and other settings on all or a group of computers in your network.

See Symantec Management Agent for Windows installation prerequisites

Step 3

Install Symantec Management Agent

Symantec Management Agent establishes communication between Notification Server and the computers in your network. Notification Server interacts with Symantec Management Agent and lets you monitor and manage each computer from the Symantec Management Console.

See Installing the Symantec Management Agent for Windows with a manual push

For evaluation, you can also use another method of installing Symantec Management Agent, such as pull install.

See Methods for installing the Symantec Management Agent

Step 4

(Optional) Configure the Symantec Management Agent settings for evaluation use.

To ease the configuration and evaluation of Client Management Suite, make Symantec Management Agent request the configuration from Notification Server more frequently.

See Configuring the Symantec Management Agent settings for evaluation use

Step 5

Install or upgrade the plug-ins.

In the Symantec Management Console, on the Actions menu, click Agents/Plug-ins > Rollout Agents/Plug-ins.

In the left pane, under Agents/Plug-ins, locate and turn on the installation or upgrade policies for the plug-ins, according to your needs.

See Installing the Inventory and Application Metering plug-ins

See Installing or upgrading the Software Management Solution plug-in

After you prepare the client computers, you can do the following: