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Delivering a new version of software using Software Workspace Virtualization

Client Management Suite

Client Management Suite lets you remotely deliver software into virtual layers. You can achieve this by using the functionality that is provided by Software Management Solution and the Symantec Workspace Virtualization software.

Software Management Solution provides intelligent and bandwidth-sensitive distribution and management of software from a central Web console. Software Management Solution lets you make sure that the correct software gets installed, remains installed, and runs without interference from other software.

For more information, see the Altiris Software Management Solution from Symantec User Guide.

See About Software Management Solution

The Symantec Workspace Virtualization software lets you place applications and data into managed units, called Virtual Software Layers. It lets you instantly activate, deactivate, or reset virtual layers together with the applications that are installed in them.

Client Management Suite integrates Software Management Solution with Symantec Workspace Virtualization and lets you perform managed software deliveries into virtual layers using the Symantec Management Console.

You can deliver a newer version of software into a new virtual layer and then swap the layers on the next computer restart. Mozilla Firefox is used as the example here. Firefox has a built-in auto-update feature, so it may not be necessary to update this kind of software using Client Management Suite. However, the automatic updates may be disabled by an administrator. Also, the autoupdate feature is not available to non-administrative users. In this case, you can update Firefox in the production environment.

Symantec recommends to first perform this process in a test environment.

Warning: Make sure that Mozilla Firefox is not already installed on the client computer. Installing another version of Firefox in a virtual layer may conflict with this software installation. If you cannot uninstall Firefox, choose a different software for this procedure.The following procedure introduces the functionality that is available in Client Management Suite. If unexpected issues occur, please ignore them if possible.

Table: Process for delivering a new version of a software using Software Workspace Virtualization




Step 1

Meet the prerequisites.

You must have Symantec Management Agent installed on the client computers. The client computers must be registered with Notification Server.

See Preparing managed computers for evaluating Client Management Suite

Step 2

Learn about Workspace Virtualization.

Symantec Workspace Virtualization software lets you install software into virtual layers then enable, disable, and reset the layers.

See About Workspace Virtualization

Step 3

Install the Software Management Solution plug-in.

This plug-in lets you deliver and manage software, and it lets you check compliance on the endpoints.

See Installing or upgrading the Software Management Solution plug-in

Step 4

Install the Symantec Workspace Virtualization Agent.

This agent lets you create and manage virtual layers.

See Installing the Workspace Virtualization Agent

Step 5

Deliver Firefox 11.

For the sample procedure, deliver Mozilla Firefox 11 to your test computers. After that, you upgrade this software with a newer version.

See Delivering Mozilla Firefox 11 software into a virtual layer

Step 6

Create a task that toggles the layers.

You can use the SVSCmd.exe command-line tool to manage virtual layers. Create a command script task that uses this tool to toggle virtual layers.

See Creating a task that toggles layers

Step 7

Deliver Firefox 12 and toggle the layers.

Use managed delivery policy to deliver a newer version of Firefox into a new virtual layer and then toggle the layers on next computer restart.

See Delivering Firefox 12 and toggling the layers

Step 8

View delivery reports.

Software Management Solution provides reports that let you view the managed software delivery results.

See Viewing delivery reports