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What's new in ITMS Management Views

Client Management Suite

In ITMS Management Views 7.5 SP1, the following new features are introduced:

Table: List of new features



Computer filter tree is shown in the ITMS Management Views.

The list of computer filters is shown under Manage > Computers. The computer filters can be configured and reused.

The number of items that are displayed in the tree can be configured.

Easy ways to create new computer filters.

In the ITMS Management Views, new computer filters can be created and configured them in the navigation pane.

An updated list of the default filter criteria.

The following default criteria have been added to the Add Filter Criteria list:

  • Asset Status

  • Category (this is a default criteria for software products)

  • Chassis Type

  • OS Revision

  • OS Type

  • Owner

  • System Type

The list of custom criteria.

The option Edit Criteria List lets the user add new custom criteria to the filter criteria list.

The user can view the values for the associations, data classes, and columns that are selected.

Tthe computer target tree is shown in the ITMS Management Views. create new computer targets, configure, and reuse them.

The list of computer targets is shown under Manage > Computers. New computer targets can be created, configure,d and reused. The targets can also be reused in policies and tasks.

The number of items that are displayed in the tree can be configured.

Customizable page layout per user.

The user can choose which computer filters or computer targets to display or hide in the Filters and Targets lists. The list of custom filter criteria, the size of the panes, and the way the elements are displayed on the page can be configured.

These settings are saved individually for each user.

Load on-demand feature.

The items in the lists are displayed in chunks. The number of items to be displayed in one chunk can be customized. The rest of the list collapses and is loaded on demand.

The load on-demand feature is enabled by default.

Improved drag and drop function and error handling.

After an element is dragged and dropped, a dialog box appears that shows the results of the action.

Availability of the Management Views.

ITMS Management Views for Computers, Policies, and Jobs/Tasks are available to all users regardless of the installed solutions.

The Software view is available if there is Software Management Solution and Inventory Solution installed.