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About the Software Portal

Client Management Suite for Mac

The Software Portal lets users submit requests and install software through a Web-based interface with little or no administrator involvement. This self-service approach to software delivery reduces help desk calls and simplifies the process of requesting and delivering software. Because the Software Portal uses predefined software information and delivery settings, it can automate most of the deliveries that result from the software requests.

The administrator who sets up the Software Catalog decides which software each user or group of users is allowed and specifies which software requires approval. These settings determine the amount of intervention that is required for specific software requests. Requests for pre-approved software require no further action from anyone. Requests for other standard software require approval from a manager or an administrator but upon approval, the software delivery is automatic. Only the requests for non-standard software require the manager or the administrator to take further action to deliver the software.

The Software Portal is installed on the client computers. Therefore, the users can create requests and the managers can approve the requests without requiring access to the Symantec Management Console.

The Software Portal supports requests for Windows and Mac OS software.