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Discovering Mac computers

Client Management Suite for Mac

Network Discovery is basically the same for all platforms. The exception with Mac computers is that to discover them as computer resources, you must enable SNMP before running Network Discovery.

You can discover all the devices on your network and enter those devices in the CMDB. This process guides you through the steps to discover network devices.

Table: Process for discovering Mac devices




Step 1

Create a Network Discovery task.

You can create and schedule a task to discover either a single device or multiple devices on a network. You can use two methods for creating tasks: using the Network Discovery wizard or creating tasks manually.

See Creating Network Discovery tasks using the wizard

See Manually creating and modifying Network Discovery tasks

Step 2

(Optional) Modify task settings or schedules.

After you create a Network Discovery task, you can modify the task settings or add additional schedules.

See Manually creating and modifying Network Discovery tasks

Step 3

View discovery data.

You can view the status of Network Discovery tasks and view reports that show discovery results.

Press F5 to refresh the page and view the status.

Step 4

Classify unknown devices.

If you have devices with an unknown classification, you can modify the SNMP classifications list.

For details, please see Symantec knowledge base article TECH155182 titled "Devices are note being identified properly / classified as 'Unknown'."