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About patching Mac software

Client Management Suite for Mac

Patching software to keep it up to date is a common administrator task. In the Mac world, you run a software update utility.

See About managing Macs with CMS

To keep software on Mac computers up to date, you run a scheduled client task on each Mac. This task invokes the local software update utility, softwareupdate -l (the letter ell stands for the word local). This utility finds the software that is available for installation. When you run the softwareupdate -l command, you see a list of applicable updates.

The software update utility passes results back to Notification Server for central reporting, and the results are stored in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

You can update the software in the following ways:

  • Use Task Server to selectively schedule the installation of one or many software updates.

    Some updates require a restart. When you schedule updates with Task Server, you can allow end-user notifications so that users are aware that updates need to be installed.

    In Symantec Management Console, under the Reports menu, you can get a list of which computers require a restart.

  • Run pre-built jobs out of box to enable automatic patching.