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Installing the Symantec Management Agent for Mac with a push

Client Management Suite for Mac

You can push the Symantec Management Agent for Mac to any computer that is listed in the Symantec Management Agent Install page.

The process of the push installation of the Symantec Management Agent for Mac is as follows:

  • Symantec Management Platform attempts to connect to the target computer through SSH.

    The SSH protocol supports logon with either privileged or unprivileged user accounts and multiple passwords. A privileged user has more access than an unprivileged user. Therefore, it is more secure to connect through unprivileged users. This step refers to connecting from Symantec Management Console to the client Mac through SSH. Symantec assumes that the client is configured not to allow a privileged SSH user to connect remotely.

    If you use unprivileged users, you must also specify at least one privileged user. You must use a privileged account to install the agent.

    See Symantec Management Agent for Mac installation prerequisites

  • When a connection is established, Symantec Management Platform determines the client computer's operating system and environment. The platform then launches the appropriate platform-specific push-install script.

  • The push-install script creates a directory structure on the client computer. It then attempts to download the aex-bootstrap utility from the Symantec Management Platform computer.

    The push-install script tries each of the following methods, in order, until one succeeds: SCP/SFTP, wget, curl.

    If all of these methods fail, the script uses dd command to transfer the aex-bootstrap.Z.uu archive to the target computer. It then uses uudecode to convert the archive to a native format.

  • The .aex-agent-install-config.xml file, which contains all of the Symantec Management Agent installation settings, is downloaded to the client computer.

  • The aex-bootstrap script is executed, and the SSH connection to Symantec Management Platform is closed.

  • The aex-bootstrap script downloads the rest of the Symantec Management Agent from the Symantec Management Platform computer. It then configures the Symantec Management Agent with settings from the .aex-agent-install-config.xml file.

  • When the Symantec Management Agent for Mac runs for the first time, it collects basic inventory and posts it to Symantec Management Platform.

  • After all necessary updates are completed on the platform server, Symantec Management Agent for Mac receives tasks and policies from Symantec Management Platform.

This task is a step in the process for installing the Symantec Management Agent for Mac.

See Installing Symantec Management Agent for Mac

To install the Symantec Management Agent for Mac with a push

  1. Select the Mac computers on which to install the Symantec Management Agent.

    You can select multiple computers by using the Shift or Ctrl key.

    See Selecting Mac computers for a Symantec Management Agent pull installation

  2. If necessary, configure the appropriate installation settings.

    If you added computers manually, you must specify the appropriate installation settings for each target computer before you install the Symantec Management Agent for Mac. If you imported computers from a CSV file, you may have specified the installation settings for each computer in that file. You can change these settings for individual computers or groups of computers.

    If you configured Mac computers in the same way, such as using the same password for the root account, you can select multiple computers using the Shift or Ctrl key. When you select multiple Mac computers, you only need to define Installation Settings once. Those settings apply to all previously selected Mac computers.

    See Specifying the Symantec Management Agent for Mac installation settings

  3. (Optional) In the Simultaneous Tasks box, specify the number of installations to run simultaneously.

    This value defines the number of threads running in parallel and serving Symantec Management Agent pushing. All of the threads share a common queue from which they take the next computer to install to. The default value is 5, but you may want to use a different value. You might change the value to suit the performance of the Symantec Management Platform, the client computers, and the network capacity. Increasing the number of simultaneous tasks may reduce the total installation time.

  4. Click Install.

    The Status column in the computer list shows the success or failure of the installation on each computer. Note that the newly installed Symantec Management Agent reports its status back to the originating Notification Server. This reporting to the originating Notification Server occurs even if a different Notification Server manages the managed computer.

  5. If the computer list is not refreshed automatically, in the toolbar, click Refresh to view the current push installation status for each computer.

  6. When the installation process is complete, view the Installation Status report to confirm that the agent has been installed successfully on all of the computers

    The installation process can take up to 10 minutes.