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Creating Network Discovery tasks using the wizard

Client Management Suite for Mac

The Network Discovery wizard is an administrator tool that guides you through creating a discovery task and configuring settings. You can later edit the task's advanced settings and schedules by editing the task.

Ensure that you have enabled SNMP before you begin.

For more information on how to enable SNMP refer to

This task is a step in the process for discovering Mac computers.

See Discovering Mac computers

To create Network Discovery tasks using the Network Discovery wizard

  1. In Symantec Management Console, on the Home menu, click Discovery and Inventory > Network Discovery.

  2. On the Network Discovery Home page, in the Network Discovery Quick Start Actions Web part, click Launch Discovery Wizard.

  3. In the wizard, on the Step 1 Choose method of device discovery panel, select a discovery method, and then click Next.

    See Methods for discovering network devices

  4. On the Step 2 Enter network IP Ranges panel, specify the portions of the network to discover, and then click Next.

    See About selecting network ranges to discover

  5. On the Step 3 Select device communication profile panel, select a connection profile, and then click Next.

    Connection profiles specify the protocols that you want to use for discovery. You can use an existing profile or create a new profile.

    See Creating connection profiles with Network Discovery

  6. On the Step 4 Enter task name panel, give the task a name, and then click Next.

  7. On the Step 5 Choose when to run the discovery panel, specify the schedule of the task, and then click Finish.

    You can view the tasks that the discovery wizard creates, on the Network Discovery Home page, in the Network Discovery Task Management Web part. You may need to click Refresh icon to view newly created tasks.