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Implementing Software Management Solution on Mac computers

Client Management Suite for Mac

Before you use Software Management Solution to manage software on Mac computers, you must set it up and prepare it for use.

See About Software Management Solution

The prerequisites for implementing Software Management Solution are as follows:

  • Symantec Management Platform and Software Management Solution must be installed on the Notification Server computer.

    For details, see the IT Management Suite Planning for Implementation Guide at

  • The Symantec Management Agent must be installed or upgraded on the computers that you plan to manage.

    Software Management Solution requires that target computers be managed. A managed computer is one on which the Symantec Management Agent is installed.

  • You must install or upgrade the Symantec Management Agent on the Mac computers that you plan to manage.

    The Software Portal for Mac is installed automatically with the Software Management Plug-in.

    See Implementing the Software Portal

Table: Process for implementing Software Management Solution




Step 1

Install or upgrade the Software Management Solution plug-in on managed computers.

In Symantec Management Console, enable the policy.

The Software Management Solution plug-in is required for you to deliver and manage software on client computers.

Perform this step every time that you need to install the Software Management Solution plug-in on the client computers that do not have it.

The unified Software Management Solution Plug-in Install policy lets you install the solution plug-in on all supported operating systems.

See Installing or upgrading the Software Management Solution plug-in

You may have performed this step when you installed the Symantec Management Platform or when you added new computers to the network.

Step 2

Configure security privileges for Software Management Solution.

Administrators need the appropriate privileges to deliver and manage the software in your organization.

You or another administrator may have already performed this step when you configured security for the Symantec Management Platform.

For more information, see the topics about setting up security and Software Management Solution settings in the Symantec Management Platform Help.

Step 3

Configure default settings for Managed Software Delivery.

You can configure the settings that control the behavior of Managed Software Delivery policies. Rather than configuring these settings individually for each policy, you can configure the default settings that apply to all new Managed Software Delivery policies.

See Configuring the default settings for Managed Software Delivery