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About Software Management Solution settings for Mac computers

Client Management Suite for Mac

Software Management Solution settings control the behavior of the software-related policies and tasks. The default settings let administrators create policies and tasks without having to enter the details that they are not familiar with. Instead, a more experienced administrator can configure the default settings that apply to all the new policies and tasks that are created. When necessary, the administrator who runs the specific policies and tasks can change the settings.

Table: Sources of default settings for Software Management policies and tasks

Policy or task

Source of default settings

Managed Software Delivery

All new managed software delivery policies inherit the default settings that are defined on the Managed Delivery Settings page. You can override the default settings for specific Managed Software Delivery policies.

Changing the default settings for managed software delivery does not affect the execution of the managed software delivery policies that were created earlier.

See Configuring the default settings for Managed Software Delivery

Package Delivery

Quick Delivery

Some of the task settings are predefined. Other settings for these tasks are obtained from the Task Management settings.