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Methods for delivering software to Mac computers

Client Management Suite for Mac

You can deliver software to one or more managed computers by creating and running a Software Management task or policy. The method that you use to create the task or policy depends on your delivery requirements.

Table: Methods for delivering software

Your requirement

Delivery method


Deliver software to a specific computer or to a group of computers.

Drag and drop

In Symantec Management Console under Manage > Software, you can click and drag Deliverable software to a target. The target can be a single computer or a group of computers that you have already defined under Manage > Computers

In the Manage > Software window, the Installed Software subpane lists the deliverable software packages that are on the server, including software releases and software updates.

Deliverable software is the software that has a package or command line associated with it. If you drag and drop the package onto a computer, the package or command line installs the software. If software appears in this list, then it is ready to deploy.

When you double-click a deliverable software package, the installation details open and you can define or make changes to the installation details.

Perform a Quick Delivery of a single software resource.

Quick Delivery

You can use the task-based Quick Delivery method to specify the software to deliver, the action to perform, and the computers to deliver to. Quick Delivery uses the default task settings, which you can change when necessary.

Because of its simplicity, Quick Delivery is an ideal way for non-administrators, such as help desk personnel, to deliver software safely and accurately.

The software that you deliver in this way must be defined as a deliverable software resource in the Software Catalog.

Perform one or more of the following advanced delivery actions:

  • Deliver on a recurring schedule.

  • Install software with the other software that it depends on.

  • Install a software resource that replaces other software.

  • Sequentially install multiple software and tasks.

  • Run any client task at any stage of the delivery.

    A client task is one that is defined in Notification Server and is intended to run on a client computer.

Managed Software Delivery

Managed Software Delivery is a policy-based delivery method that lets you fulfill advanced delivery requirements. A single Managed Software Delivery policy can perform multiple delivery actions.

The software that you deliver in this way must be defined as a deliverable software resource in the Software Catalog.

Managed Software Delivery leverages the software resource information and the logic that is in the Software Catalog. For example, Managed Software Delivery uses the software resource's dependencies, package, and detection rule.

See About advanced software deliveries

Deliver software in response to a direct request from a user.

Software Portal

With the Software Portal, users can request software and responds to those requests. If the user is pre-approved to install the software, the installation occurs without the administrator's involvement. Otherwise, the administrator only needs to approve the requests and deliver the software that is not in the Software Catalog.

See About the Software Portal

Deliver software with a policy that you migrated from Software Delivery Solution 6.x.

Legacy Software Delivery

When you upgrade from Notification Server 6.x to Symantec Management Platform 7.x, you can migrate your 6.x software delivery tasks to Legacy Delivery policies. You can continue to use those policies as they are. You can also assign their packages to software resources to deliver a 6.x software package with Quick Delivery or Managed Software Delivery.