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Advanced delivery actions that Managed Software Delivery can perform with Mac computers

Client Management Suite for Mac

Managed Software Delivery is a policy-based delivery method that lets you respond to an assortment of advanced delivery requirements. A single Managed Software Delivery policy can perform multiple delivery actions.

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Table: Advanced delivery actions that Managed Software Delivery can perform

Delivery action


Deliver software

In its simplest form, Managed Software Delivery delivers a single software resource with its associated package and command line. It downloads the software and installs it on the managed computer according to a defined schedule. It does not perform a compliance check and it always considers the computer to be compliant.

Remediate software on the client computer

Managed Software Delivery installs the software to a specific known state on the client computer. If the state of the software is out of compliance, Managed Software Delivery performs a remediation to restore the correct state.

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Deliver software dependencies to the client computer as needed

Managed Software Delivery checks the client computer for the dependencies of a software resource that it delivers.

When a client computer does not contain the dependency software, Managed Software Delivery can perform a remediation by installing the missing dependency.

You can choose whether to check dependency tasks or not, with the following results:

  • If you do not choose to check dependency tasks, the Managed Software Delivery policy proceeds and either installs or fails.

  • If you choose to check dependency tasks, those tasks are checked and installed if necessary.

Sequentially install multiple software resources and tasks

You can deliver multiple software resources and tasks with a single Managed Software Delivery policy. You can add any client tasks to the execution queue to perform custom operations before, during, or after the software remediation process. For example, you can add a task that performs a restart or runs a script. A client task is one that is defined in Notification Server and is intended to run on a client computer.

Execute software installations offline

In a Managed Software Delivery policy, you can set different schedules for the compliance check and the remediation (in this case, installation). The separate schedules allow for the offline execution of the Managed Software Delivery. When the compliance check determines that a remediation is required, the policy downloads the appropriate package. Remediation can occur even if the client computer is not connected to the server because the client computer already has the package that it needs.

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