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About solution plug-ins for Mac

Client Management Suite for Mac

In most cases you only install Symantec Management Agent. After you install Symantec Management Agent, you enable installation policies for solutions from the console as you do with Windows computers. After that the agent on the managed Mac checks policies, and any required solution plug-ins are installed automatically. Some solution plug-ins are installed automatically through Symantec Management Agent.

See Installing Symantec Management Agent for Mac

In some cases you install a plug-in. These cases are called out explicitly in the text of solution-specific documentation when you are required to install a plug-in.

Plug-in policies come with a default target (or filter) for Mac computers. You can change targets; for example, if some Mac computers on your network are servers, you can exclude them from having solution plug-ins installed.

You can download required plug-in such as plug-ins for Inventory Solution, Patch Management Solution, and Software Management Solution from Notification Server, which you access in the Symantec Management Console. If you have Notification Server and site servers, the agent on the managed Mac detects the nearest and fastest server and downloads plug-ins from there.