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About using tasks to manage Mac computers

Client Management Suite for Mac

Apple has provided a large number of command line utilities that facilitate the management of Mac client computers. Many of these utilities have been used to create "run script" tasks in Symantec Management Console to let you run common tasks. The "run script" tasks that are available in the console let you take advantage of the built-in task server function in Symantec Management Platform. You deliver tasks to Mac computers by running these scripts.

See About managing Macs with CMS

You may want to use tasks to deliver software and to configure security; for example, to lock down a client OS. You may also want to create tasks that you can deploy for power management or to wake up and power down managed Mac computers.

To configure Mac computers using tasks, you must write scripts to execute the tasks. If this skill is unfamiliar to you, please refer to the introduction to shell scripting that is available in the Mac OS X Developer Library. Symantec has also created a set of sample scripts that you can refer to as models for creating your own scripts. These are located in the Symantec Knowledge Base, HOWTO51884 . The Symantec sample scripts are based on recommendations in these Apple Security Configuration guides.

Mac tasks fall into the following broad categories:

  • Software delivery

  • Security

  • Power management.

    You can add the following tasks in the Create New Task window in the console under Power Control: Restart, Shut down, Log off, and Wake up

  • Wake and power down