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Try connect by SSH using SSH Key authorization settings

Client Management Suite for Mac

These settings are used to establish an SSH connection to the target UNIX, Linux, or Mac computer using SSH key authorization. The SSH key authorization method lets you connect to the target computer from an authorized computer without entering a user name and a password.

To use SSH key authorization, you first need to generate an SSH key. You then need to save the SSH private key on the Symantec Management Platform computer, and configure the target computer with the SSH public key. To generate an SSH key, you can use a native SSH key generator. You can also use the SSH key generation module that is provided with Symantec Management Platform.

See Installation Settings: Connection and Authentication tab

Table: Try connect by SSH using SSH Key authorization settings



SSH key file

The SSH private key file to use.

You can type the full path and file name, or click ... to select the appropriate file.

SSH key password

The password that is used to protect the SSH key file.

If no password is configured, leave this field blank.

SSH key type

The type of SSH key encoding: RSA or DSA.


The port to which the target computer's SSH server listens.

Default: 22


The target computer's logon prompt for a privileged user.

Default: %, $, #, >