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Creating an Installer Shell script to deliver software to Mac OS X computers

Client Management Suite for Mac


This sample task illustrates how to create an Installer Shell script for installing the Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 software product.

This task is a step in the process for configuring a software delivery task.

See Configuring a software delivery task for Mac computers

To create an Installer Shell script

  1. At the Mac Terminal, create a new shell script file and add the following line: path/Contents/MacOS/Setup --mode=silent --deploymentFile=<install.xml or remove.xml path in quotes>

    Refer to the following sample:

    /Volumes/Adobe/CS4/ --mode=silent --deploymentFile="/Volumes/Adobe/CS4/install.xml

  2. Place this file and the DMG file that you created previously into a folder.

    Warning: Do not include the shell script file in the DMG. You cannot select it as the installation file if it is inside the DMG.