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Creating a Managed Software Delivery policy to deliver software to Mac OS X computers

Client Management Suite for Mac


This sample task illustrates how to create a Managed Software Delivery policy for installing the Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 software product.

This sample task is a step in the process for configuring a software delivery task.

See Configuring a software delivery task for Mac computers

To create a Managed Software Delivery policy

  1. In Symantec Management Console, click Manage > Policies.

  2. Click Policies > Software > Managed Software Delivery.

  3. Right-click the Managed Software Delivery folder and click New > Managed Software Delivery.

  4. Click the New Managed Software Delivery title and enter a descriptive name, or add an entry in the Description field.

  5. Under Policy Rules/Settings, on the Software tab, click Add > Software Resource.

  6. Select the software resource that you created previously, and click OK.

  7. In the right pane, ensure that Install Command line and the correct CS4 software package are selected.

  8. Click Add > Task.

  9. Navigate to the DisableAdobeProductImprovementProgram task that you created earlier, highlight it, and click OK.

    The task type is Run Script.

  10. In the distribution tree, ensure that the task appears after the software.

  11. On the Policy Settings tab, enter a meaningful display name.

    You can include a description if you want to.

  12. (Optional) On the Software Publishing tab, make this software available for users through the Software Portal.

  13. On the far right in the Policy Rules/Actions area, click the Up arrow to collapse the section.

  14. In the Applied to area, click Apply to > Computers to select the computers to which you want to apply this policy.

  15. Beginning with all resources, click Add rule to filter out the computers to which you do not want to apply this policy.

  16. Click Add rule again and continue to refine the results.

    Refine the results until you are confident that you have applied this policy to the Mac computers for which you intend the policy.

    As you refine the results, click Update results to list the resources that this policy targets.

    Continue to filter the resource target so that it contains the exact subset of Mac computers to which you want the policy to apply.

  17. Click OK.

  18. Click the Up arrow on the right to collapse this area.

  19. Click Add schedule to select a time to install the software.

    Leave the Remediation option set to Immediately.

  20. Save changes.

  21. To turn on the policy click the red circle next to the Off label, click On, and click Save.

    The software installs silently at the selected installation time.