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Creating a task to disable the Product Improvement pop-up

Client Management Suite for Mac


This sample task illustrates how to disable the Adobe Product Improvement pop-up. This task runs after the Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 software installation to disable the pop-up for new users.

This sample task is a step in the process for configuring a software delivery task.

See Configuring a software delivery task for Mac computers

To create a task to disable the Product Improvement pop-up

  1. In Symantec Management Console, navigate to Manage > Jobs and Tasks

  2. At the root of this folder, create a folder to work in.

  3. Right-click the new folder and click New > Task.

  4. Click Run Script to select that task type.

  5. Give the task a descriptive name.

    You can use any descriptive name such as Disable Adobe Product Improvement Program.

  6. Set the script type to UNIX Script.

  7. Add the following string to the body:

    defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.adobe.headlights.APIP Enabled -int 0

  8. Click OK to save the task.