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Command-line options for managing Mac client computers

Client Management Suite for Mac

When managing Mac client computers in the Client Management Suite, you may need to use command-line options.

See Installing Symantec Management Agent for Mac

You can view a list of command-line options by executing the following commands at the Mac Terminal or through an SSH remote connection:

  • -h

  • -help

See About the Mac Terminal and Secure Shell (SSH)

Refer to the following technical articles for details about how to use command-line options when you manage Mac client computers:

  • TECH29115 titled "NS Agent for UNIX, Linux, and Mac commands and command-line parameters."

    This article presents all user-facing commands. This article was written for 6.x; however, most information applies to 7.x.

  • TECH45453, titled "Client Task Agent 7.x for UNIX, Linux, and Mac command lines." Includes the aex-cta command.

  • HOWTO36005, titled "UNIX, Linux, and Mac aex-smf command-line tool."