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Installing Symantec Management Agent for Mac

Client Management Suite for Mac

Installing the Symantec Management Agent for Mac is a process that includes several primary tasks. Click the link in the Description column to learn more or follow procedures. Then, click the link back to this process table to ensure that you successfully complete each installation step.

See About installing the Symantec Management Agent for UNIX, Linux, or Mac

Table: Process for installing Symantec Management Agent for Mac




Step 1

Select the Mac computers to which you want to install the agent and plug-ins.

You have the following options for selecting computers:

See Selecting Mac computers for a Symantec Management Agent pull installation

Step 2

(Optional) Define the agent registration policies.

After you install the Symantec Management Agent, it sends out a registration request to Notification Server to establish trust between the server and the client.

The default agent registration policy allows automatic registration of all agents. You can modify the default policy or create custom policies to specify more restrictive rules.

See Creating an agent registration policy

Step 3

Prepare the Mac client computers for agent installation.

Before you install the agent, make sure that your environment meets the prerequisites.

See Symantec Management Agent for Mac installation prerequisites

Each Mac client computer may have a different administrator user. You must log in to each computer using the administrator credentials for that client or you get a login error.

If you need help with the shell, Apple Server Admin 10.6 Help may be useful to you. You can enter the following URL without spaces if you have difficulty using the link: / article.html?path=ServerAdmin / 10.6/en/xg6d3f7fe1.html.

See Allowing incoming connections through SSH

The managed Mac must be able to resolve the Notification Server computer by name, not by IP address. The fully qualified domain name may be required.

See Setting up Notification Server name resolution with Mac computers

See Disabling or configuring a built-in Mac OS X firewall

Step 4

Specify agent configuration settings.

You can specify agent configuration settings in the Symantec Management Console.

See Specifying the Symantec Management Agent for Mac installation settings

Step 5

Deploy the Mac agent.

You can install the agent as follows:

Step 6

On the Mac client computer, check the agent installation.

After you install the agent, the managed Mac clients are ready to receive solution plug-ins. You are not required to install plug-ins as a separate step. Solutions install their plug-ins through policies. Refer to solution-specific documentation to find out how each solution plug-in works.

See Checking the agent installation

Step 7

On Notification Server, view and manage the agent registration status to verify successful registration.

The Agent Registration Status report lets you view and manage all registration requests and completed registrations from Symantec Management Agents.

See Viewing and managing the agent registration status