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About Symantec's Mac pre-OS Creation Utility

Client Management Suite for Mac

The Symantec's Mac pre-OS Creation Utility of Deployment Solution lets you create and modify Mac NetBoot image and NetInstall images. This utility along with Apple's System Image Utility lets you create the Mac NetBoot image either from a booted volume or from a bootable volume of the source computer. Ensure that the booted volume or the bootable volume is installed with the Symantec Management Agent and the Deployment Solution plug-in for creating the NetBoot image. The NetInstall image is used to install Mac OS on the client computers.

A NetBoot image is used to boot Mac clients into diskless mode and is used in the Create Image, Deploy Image, and Boot To tasks. The modified NetBoot image that is prepared using the Mac pre-OS Creation Utility contains bootable OS files, Symantec Management Agent, and the Deployment Solution plug-in. The NetBoot image does not contain Mac OS files and therefore cannot be used for installing the Mac operating system. The NetBoot image is used to boot the client computers in the preboot environment

A NetInstall image is a type of preboot image that is used to install Mac operating system on the client computers. The NetInstall image contains the required Mac operating system files that are available in the Mac OS distribution media. In Deployment Solution, you use the Install Mac OS task to install Mac OS on client computers. The Install Mac OS task uses the modified NetInstall image and the configuration file to carry out the installation of Mac operating system without human assistance.

After you create a NetBoot image or a NetInstall image ensure that you modify the image using the Mac pre-OS Creation Utility and upload the image to the Notification Server computer. The NetBoot image and the NetInstall image are then distributed from the Notification Server computer to all the site servers with Network Boot Service (NBS) installed. The NBS supports only .dmg images that are shared over the Network File System (NFS). The HTTP protocol is not supported for sharing images.

For more information see the following video:

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