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Launching Symantec's Mac pre-OS Creation Utility

Client Management Suite for Mac

The Symantec's Mac pre-OS Creation Utility of Deployment Solution lets you create and modify the Mac NetBoot image and the NetInstall image. The NetBoot image is used as a preboot image to boot client computers in preboot environment. The NetInstall image is a type of preboot image that is used along with the configuration file to install Mac operating system on client computers. After you create a NetBoot image or a NetInstall image ensure that you modify the image using the Mac pre-OS Creation Utility and upload the image to the Notification Server computer. The NetBoot image and the NetInstall image are then distributed from the Notification Server computer to all the site servers with Network Boot Service (NBS) installed. The NBS supports only .dmg images that are shared over the Network File System (NFS). The HTTP protocol is not supported for sharing images.

Before you use the Mac pre-OS Creation Utility ensure that you comply with the prerequisites for using Mac computers for deployment-related tasks.

See Prerequisites for Mac computer setup

Ensure that you do not access the Automation folder and the Agent folder that is placed in the <install_dir>/Program Files/Altiris/Notification Server/NSCap/bin/UNIX/Deployment/Mac/universal/ path from a Mac client computer using the Server Message Block (SMB) shares.

To launch Symantec's Mac pre-OS Creation Utility

  1. On the Notification Server computer, navigate to the <install_dir>/Program Files/Altiris/Notification Server/NSCap/bin/UNIX/Deployment/Mac/universal/MocuAppInstaller path and download the MOCUInstaller.pkg uitlity on the source computer.

  2. Install the MOCUInstaller.pkg on the volume of the source computer, which is installed with the Symantec Management Agent, the Deployment plug-in for Mac, and the policies.

    You use the utility to create and modify the NetBoot image and the NetInstall image.

  3. To launch the application on your Mac source computer, navigate through Finder > Go > Applications and double-click on the