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Troubleshooting problems with Inventory Solution on managed Mac computers

Client Management Suite for Mac

The following notifications and commands can be helpful when you troubleshoot the problems with Inventory Solution on managed Mac computers:

Verification of the successful installation of the plug-in: notification pop-up banner

The notification banner appears on the client side only if you checked the Notify user when task is available box before the plug-in rollout.

aex-helper list command

The list of objects in the agent registry lets you check if the plug-in installation succeeded.

aex-helper check

This command checks if the Agent is running or not.

aex-helper query ns

This command displays the name of the Notification Server to which the Agent is currently assigned.

aex-helper query resource

This command provides basic inventory data about the client computer.

less /opt/altiris/ notification/ nsagent/ aex-inventory-install.log

This command lets you view the installation log of the plug-in.

Inventory plug-in directories under /opt/altiris/notification/inventory/…

The directory contents are as follows:

  • ./etc/ contains config files.

  • ./bin/ contains binary files.

  • ./lib/ contains libraries.

  • ./var/ contains logs, inventory scripts, and state files.

To resolve common problems, you may need to ensure that the target Mac computer receives the inventory policy.

You can also refer to the Symantec Knowledge Base for articles about troubleshooting Inventory Solution on Macintosh computers.

See Ensuring that the managed Mac computers can receive the inventory policy

To facilitate troubleshooting, you should enable devnote logging so you have adequate log files to study.