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Manually installing the Inventory Plug-in on managed Mac computers

Client Management Suite for Mac

If you cannot install the Inventory Plug-in on client computers, you can work around the problem.

See Troubleshooting problems with Inventory Solution on managed Mac computers

This task is a step in the process for gathering inventory on managed Mac computers.

See Gathering inventory on managed computers

To manually install the Inventory plug-in on managed Mac computers

  1. On the client computer, check network setting and DNS name resolving:



  2. In the GUI, click Finder > Go > Connect to server (Your Notification Server\NSCap\bin\UNIX\Inventory\Mac\universal), and download inventory packages from the server, where Your Notification Server is the name of your server.

  3. On the Notification Server computer, enter the following command to create a directory named Share in the root folder:

    mkdir share

    To mount the Inventory plug-in folder, enter the following command:

    mount_smbfs //[domain;][user[:password]@]server[/share] share

    The command looks like the following:

    mount_smbfs //USER:PASSWORD@SERVER/NScap/bin/ unix/inventory/mac/universal share

  4. From the Notification Server computer, copy AltirisInventory.pkg.tar.gz and to the client computer.

  5. Open the folder to which you copied the files, and execute the sh command.