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About Inventory Solution

Client Management Suite for Mac

Inventory Solution lets you gather inventory data about computers, users, operating system, and installed software applications in your environment.

See Components of Inventory Solution

You use policies and tasks to gather inventory. The policies and tasks are easily configured and managed using a central Web console.

See Creating and configuring inventory policies and tasks

Predefined inventory policies let you gather inventory with little effort.

See Gathering inventory with predefined policies

The inventory data is stored in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). The CMDB provides a central store of data that is used across the Symantec Management Platform.

See Configuring the Configuration Management Database

You can use different methods for gathering the following types of inventory data:

Basic inventory data:

Computer name, domain, installed operating system, etc.

Standard inventory data:

Hardware and software components, file properties, etc.

Custom inventory data:

Additional data beyond the predefined data classes in Inventory Solution.

See Methods for gathering inventory

Inventory Solution provides a Web-based management console, policies to alert you about critical information, and professional quality predefined or custom Web reports that let you analyze gathered inventory data. Thus Inventory Solution includes the tools that you need to transform your inventory data into useful information.

See Viewing inventory data in reports

See Viewing inventory data in the Resource Manager