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Gathering inventory on managed computers

Client Management Suite for Mac

You can gather inventory data by running automated policies and tasks on managed computers. This method requires that you install the Symantec Management Agent and the Inventory Plug-in on target computers. The inventory policies and tasks use the Inventory Plug-in to perform the inventory scan on the target computer. The inventory data is sent to the CMDB.

Inventory policies let you gather inventory on a recurring schedule. Inventory Solution includes the predefined inventory policies that you can use to gather inventory with little effort. You can also create your own inventory policies. You can use unique policies and schedules for different kinds of inventory. For example, you can have one policy collect hardware inventory daily, and another policy collect software inventory weekly.

See Gathering inventory with predefined policies

Table: Process for gathering inventory on managed computers




Step 1

Prepare managed computers for inventory.

Target computers must be managed and have the Inventory Plug-in installed.

See Installing the Inventory Plug-in

See Manually installing the Inventory Plug-in on managed Mac computers

Step 2

Turn on an inventory policy or create an inventory policy or a task.

You need to turn on and configure a policy or a task to collect inventory. You can use an existing policy or create and configure your own policies or tasks.

See Gathering inventory with predefined policies

See Creating and configuring inventory policies and tasks

Step 3

(Optional) Configure custom inventory policy schedules.

An inventory policy with the custom schedule does not run automatically as soon as possible after the custom schedule is created and on any new computer that joins the target collection. You can configure the two custom schedules to run the policy immediately once and on a recurring schedule later.

Step 4

View inventory results.

You can view the gathered inventory data by viewing reports and data in the Resource Manager.

See Viewing inventory data in reports

See Viewing inventory data in the Resource Manager