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Prerequisites for Mac computer setup

Client Management Suite for Mac

Following are the prerequisites that you must comply with before you use Deployment Solution to manage you Macintosh (Mac) client computers:

  • Ensure that you add the following services on the site server on which you enable the NBS service before you check Enable Mac Netboot (BSDP) support in the NBS General Settings dialog box :

    • Windows Role Services for Network File System (NFS) in File Services for Windows

    • Windows Services for UNIX (SFU)

  • Configure the DHCP server in the network. The Network Boot Server (NBS) and the DHCP server must be on different computers.

  • Install the Symantec Management Agent and the Deployment Solution plug-in for Mac on the source volume and ensure that the Deployment Automation folder for Mac - Install policy is installed on the NetBoot image source computer. Symantec recommends that you install the Symantec Management Agent and the Deployment Plug-in for Mac clients as a root user.

    You can access the plug-ins through either of the following menus:

    • Settings > Agent/Plug-ins > All Agent/Plug-ins

      On the left pane of the window, access Agent/Plug-ins > Deployment and Migration > Mac folder.

    • Settings > All Settings

      On the left pane of the window, access Agents/Plug-ins > Deployment and Migration > Mac folder.

    • Actions > Deployment > Install Deployment Plug-in > Mac.

  • Install the Apple's Server Admin Tool, that has an app named, System Image Utility on the Mac source computer. The installer version of the Apple's Server Admin Tool must be compatible with the booted Mac OS version.

    For Mac OSX 10.8 or later, the System Image Utility comes built in with the Mac computer.

  • The Mac preboot image creator must be logged in as the root user of the source computer.

  • Ensure that you have at least the same amount of empty space on the booted source volume as occupied by the installed Mac OS.

  • Ensure that you set the following for the All Linux/Mac Workstations and the All UNIX/Linux/Mac Servers in the Targeted Agent Settings dialog box before adding a Mac client computer in the network:

    • Return the following information as computer name as DNS name

    • Return the following information as computer domain as DNS name

You can access the Targeted Agent Settings from Settings > Agents/Plug-ins.