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Updating your organizational hierarchy manually

CMDB Solution

When you add new locations, cost centers, or departments in the Symantec Management Console, the items do not appear in the Organizational Views and Groups list until the organizational hierarchy gets updated. By default, the automatic update runs every 30 seconds and updates the organizational hierarchy.

In large environments, Symantec recommends that you disable the automatic update task to improve the performance. You can disable it on the Organizational Hierarchy Settings page that you access from the Settings menu, at All Settings > Service and Asset Management > CMDB Solution.

If you have disabled the automatic updating of the organizational hierarchy, you can use the Update Organizational Hierarchy task to manually refresh the hierarchy on demand. You can run this task immediately or on a specified schedule. For example, you need to run the task after every import of your organizational data.

This task is an optional step in the process for setting up your organizational structure.

See Setting up your organizational structure

To update organizational hierarchy manually

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Manage menu, click Jobs and Tasks.

  2. In the left pane, expand System Jobs and Tasks > Service and Asset Management > CMDB, and then click Update Organizational Hierarchy.

  3. On the Update Organizational Hierarchy page, add the organizational hierarchies that you want to update.

  4. (Optional) Under Task Status, schedule the task.

  5. Click Save changes.