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Capturing a computer's personality

Deployment Solution

Deployment Solution lets you capture a computer's personality. A computer personality includes user data and application settings. Personality Packages are stored in the (install_directory)\Altiris\NSCap\bin\Deployment\Packages\PCTPackages directory. This directory contains several folders that are named with GUIDs. After you create a personality, the package is located in one of these folders. You can capture a computer's personality by executing the Capture Personality task.

See About capturing and distributing personalities

You must use a template to specify the details that are to be captured in a computer's personality. Deployment Solution includes templates for many common applications and provides the tools that help you create and modify templates for new and custom applications.

See About deployment tasks and jobs

To capture user settings

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, navigate to either of the following:

    • From the Actions menu, select Deployment > Capture Personality.

    • Select the Manage > Jobs and Tasks menu

      In the left pane do either of the following:

      • Right-click System Jobs and Tasks folder and select New > Task.

      • Expand the System Jobs and Tasks folder and right-click Deployment and Migration folder to select New > Task.

  2. In the Create New Task dialog box, from the left pane select Deployment and Migration > Capture Personality task.

  3. The fields and the descriptions are as follows:

    Task nameicon

    Displays the default task name as Capture Personality. You can edit the default task name to specify a relevant task name. For example, Personality_WinXP.

    Personality name

    Lets you specify a unique personality name.

    You can specify a description for the personality that you capture. If you capture multiple personalities, you can use the %COMPNAME% token as the personality name. This token creates a unique name for each personality based on managed client computer name .

    Select template

    Lets you browse and select a template for the personality that you want to capture.

    Select the Create Vista compatible file (pkg) check box if you want to distribute personality to a computer with Windows Vista and above operating system.

    See About personality templates

    Personality Credentials

    Lets you specify the credentials to secure the personality.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Schedule the task.

    See Scheduling a deployment job or task