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Configuring the Sysprep imaging

Deployment Solution

The System Preparation Tool (Sysprep) is a Microsoft utility that prepares computers for Windows OS deployments. All versions of Windows OS that are released after Windows XP and Windows 2003 include Sysprep files as part of the OS installation. The Sysprep Imaging Configuration dialog box lets you configure Deployment Solution to use the sysprep files to execute the Prepare for Image capture task. For this task to work on Windows XP computers, you must upload the file to Deployment Solution. The Sysprep imaging is supported for Windows x86 and x64 only.

When you work with Microsoft domains, each computer must use a unique Windows SID. SIDs are security IDs that are used with Windows NT or later operating systems. Before you deploy Windows images, you must remove the existing SID from a computer to avoid causing network problems. The Prepare for Image capture task automatically strips the SIDs from each computer using Sysprep. You can then create an image using the Create image task and deploy the resulting image to multiple computers.

Sysprep disables the built-in administrator account and clears the administrator password when it prepares a computer for imaging. You might need to change the password on the client computer before logging on for the first time after deploying an image.

To configure Sysprep imaging

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Settings menu, click Deployment > Sysprep Imaging Configuration.

  2. Based on the operating system, under x86 or x64, click Upload to browse and upload the relevant .cab file.

    The fields and their descriptions are as follows:


    Lets you upload the file for the 32-bit Windows computers.

    You must download the x86 file, which is required for the Sysprep imaging tasks, from the Microsoft website .


    Lets you upload the file for the 64-bit Windows computers.

    You must download the x64 file, which is required for the Sysprep imaging tasks, from the Microsoft website .

  3. Click Save changes.

For more information see the following video:

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