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Adding drivers to the Preboot database

Deployment Solution

Deployment Solution lets you add drivers to the Preboot driver database, which is required when you boot a computer to the preboot configurations. If a preboot configuration that you already created requires a new driver, you must add the driver to the preboot driver database and then recreate the preboot configuration.

After you add the drivers to the Preboot database, the preboot images can then support mass storage devices (MSDs) and network interface cards (NICs). These critical drivers are added to the preboot images and are then deployed through the preboot environment. It ensures that you can boot the client computers successfully to preboot environment. The Preboot driver database supports the Windows and Linux operating systems. You cannot add non-critical drivers to preboot database.

To add a new driver to an existing preboot configuration, you must recreate that preboot configuration with the newly-added driver using the Recreate Preboot Environment option. If you create a preboot image before Network Boot Service (NBS) is installed and enabled on a remote site server, then it is not registered with the site server. In such case, you must either recreate that preboot environment for the selected image or create a new image to be registered with the new remote site server.

To update the automation folder that is installed on the client computer immediately after you recreate the automation folder package, you must disable the automation folder upgrade policy first and then recreate the preboot configuration. After recreating the preboot configuration, update the following tasks from the Windows Task Scheduler and then enable the automation folder upgrade policy on the client computer

  • NS.Package distribution Point Update Schedule

  • NS.Package Server Status Event Capture Item

  • NS.Package Refresh

To add drivers to the Preboot database

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Settings menu, click Deployment > Driver Management.

  2. In the Driver Database Management dialog box click the Preboot tab.

  3. (Optional) To view details of a driver, select the driver from the list and click More Info.

  4. Click Add.

  5. In the Add Driver dialog box, specify the values of the fields.

    The fields and their descriptions are as follows:


    Lets you browse to the driver folder, which contains the drivers that you want to add.

    Deployment Solution creates auto-generated names for the drivers that you add.


    Select the operating system for which you want to add the drivers.

    Select one of the following operating systems for the preboot environment:

    • WinPE

      If you select WinPE, then ensure that you manually add the network driver of WinPE 3.0 for Windows XP 32-bit in VMware computer, to successfully boot the client computer in the preboot environment

    • Linux


    Select the hardware architecture of the computer for which you want to add the driver.

    Select one of the following architectures:

    • x86

    • x64

  6. Click OK.

    The new driver is used when you create a new configuration or recreate an existing preboot configuration.