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About disk image packages

Deployment Solution

A Symantec Management Platform package is created for all disk images when you run the Create Image task with Disk Image as the option. You can then use this package to distribute the image to other Package Servers.

Disk images are stored on the Deployment share of the site server on which the Package Service runs. Each image is stored in a separate folder that is specified by a GUID. Information about the image is also stored in the CMDB as an image resource.

You can view your disk image packages from the Manage > Computers menu or from the Manage > All Resources > Default > All Resources > Package menu. You can also view them from the Settings > All Settings > Deployment and Migration > Disk Images menu.

You can configure how the image package is distributed to additional package servers using the Settings > All Settings menu. After you select the package you want, you can then select what servers get the image from the Package Servers tab.

You can choose from the following package distribution options:

  • All package servers.

  • Individual package servers.

  • Package servers by site.

  • Package servers automatically with manual pre-staging.

You can also delete packages.